• Dr. Savahn Rosinbum

    Dr. Savahn Rosinbum offers patients a blend of conventional and alternative healthcare under the guidance of a caring physician.

    Naturopathic medicine gives time and attention to the whole person – body, mind, and spirit – in order to treat illness and foster vitality.

    She enjoys working with patients to treat specific conditions, to reduce disease risk, and as a detective for vague and confusing issues.

    Dr. Savahn’s areas of interest are fatigue, depression, anxiety, hormonal and reproductive health conditions, weight management, allergies, trans/LGBQ healthcare, and sleep issues.

    Dr. Savahn Rosinbum

Dr. Savahn Rosinbum is trained as a primary care doctor and provides general medical care for people of all ages and backgrounds and families of all types. She attended Bastyr University, the leading academic institution in natural health sciences.

Her specialty training includes naturopathic approaches to sleep disorders, pediatrics, and infertility. One of her clinical focuses is transgender healthcare. She completed a three-year specialty course in homeopathy from the New England School of Homeopathy, and has training in craniosacral therapy.

While at Bastyr University, she advocated for and contributed to increased cultural competency training in medical education, which culminated in the Bastyr University Human Library Project, an innovative approach to one-on-one cultural competency training. Prior to attending Bastyr University, she worked in Olympia with the CIELO project doing community organizing with the Latino community as well as providing crisis and social service counseling with the Crisis Clinic.