Meet the WHN Doctors

At Whole Health Naturopathy, the doctors and staff at our clinic really enjoy working together, and it shows. We have a team-centered approach and pride ourselves on delivering an attentive service to our patients

  • Dr. Marnie Frisch

    Dr. Marnie Frisch


    Dr. Marnie Frisch is often asked what she specializes in. She has come to realize that it is not a population or disease that she specializes in, but in listening to patients and working cooperatively with them to find the best treatment plan. She is skilled at meeting the patient where they …

  • Dr. Savahn Rosinbum

    Dr. Savahn Rosinbum

    Primary Care Doctor

    Dr. Savahn Rosinbum offers patients the chance to choose a blend of conventional and alternative healthcare under the guidance of a caring physician. Naturopathic medicine gives time and attention to the whole person – body, mind, and spirit – in order to treat illness …

  • Dr. Laura Galati

    Dr. Laura Galati

    Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

    Dr. Laura Galati values creating research based, holistic treatments to help keep families happy and healthy and discussing family planning with parents-to-be. Her favorite modalities are botanical medicine and nutrition. She lives in the Olympia area, and enjoys the …

Meet the WHN Support Staff

The doctors at WHN are backed up by a team of dedicated support staff. Meet the rest of our team.

  • Jenikka Clay

    Jenikka Clay

    Front Office Manager
  • Sam McLeod

    Sam McLeod

    Front Office Lead
  • Chancie Mayo

    Chancie Mayo

  • Carrie DiStefano

    Carrie DiStefano

    Lactation Consultant

“The physician’s highest and only calling is to make the sick healthy: to cure, as it is called”.

– Dr. Samuel Hahnemann